Gen Con Bound!


Hello friends!

Luke and I will be attending Gen Con in sunny Indianapolis!

We are part of the Admagic Megacorporation, at booth 565. But we’re listed as Burning Wheel in the program guide!

We will have Torchbearer, the Torchbearer Player’s Deck, the Torchbearer Gamemaster’s Screen, FreeMarket, Burning Wheel and Bloodstained Stars for sale. If everything works out as planned, we’ll also be running short demos from the booth.

When I’m not at the booth, I will be inhabiting Games on Demand, running Torchbearer for all you lucky scoundrels. I’m scheduled to run Saturday from 10-2 and again from 6-10, but I won’t be alone! A bunch of awesome GMs are offering Torchbearer games at Games on Demand throughout the day every day of the con.

There are an incredible number of other cool games on offer (in both two-hour and four-hour slots) at Games on Demand as well. Check it out!

Luke will be splitting his time between our booth, giving panels and doing stuff for Kickstarter. Here are some things you may want to attend:

  • Luke and I are doing a Q&A on Torchbearer, Friday night at 8 PM: Torchbearer Explored, Crowne Plaza, Grand Central D.
  • Thursday at 3 PM (in Crowne Plaza Conrail), Luke is presenting a talk on how he stays productive while working a job and living life.
  • Saturday at 4 PM (in Crowne Plaza Victoria C/D), Luke is presenting on the Shadow Economy of Tabletop Game Design.

Hope to see you at the show!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @Burning_Luke and @Mimir9.