Commercial Term Sheet


 Torchbearer Sagas Commercial Termsheet

  1. This is a plain language license for those who wish to create material for the Torchbearer roleplaying game for commercial digital publication. The license is between the authors, Luke Crane and Thor Olavsrud, and the licensee.

  2. This license grants the holder the right to create new supplementary material for the Torchbearer roleplaying game. The licensee may use Torchbearer rules and terms except when such use would reprint artwork or large or key sections of text of the rulebook. Character and monster statistics and descriptions are excepted and may be reprinted.

    1. Supplementary material eligible for the license includes but is not limited to: adventures, new artwork, monster statistics, town events, camp events, twists, weapons, spells and prayers, skills, traits, towns, traps, magic items and character classes

  3. To be eligible for the Torchbearer Sagas commercial license, the licensee must use the associated logos and trade dress to designate the publication as part of this license.

  4. All Torchbearer Sagas products must be submitted to the authors for editorial review prior to publication. The authors reserve the right to decline to grant the license for reasons including but not limited to: poor presentation, offensive content or poor fit for the Torchbearer rules.

  5. The license we are granting is to sell supplementary publications in a digital format at a price determined by the license holder. No fee or royalty will be paid by the licensee to the authors.

  6. The authors make no claim to the copyright of the licensed work except in areas limited by this license. All rights to trademarked terms are retained by the authors.

  7. We reserve the right to revoke this license at our discretion. If the license is revoked, the material must remove all reference to Torchbearer and the authors, including logos, rules and trade dress.



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New Middarmark Classes!

Hello friends,

Our comrades at Mordite Press have just unleashed nine new Norse-themed Torchbearer classes perfect for use with the Middarmark Gazetteer. Torchbearer Sagas: Fearless and Freebooting includes:

  1. Berserker Outlaw: a warrior that gains abilities from libations
  2. Halfling Journeyman Cook: a sailor/cook raider that can craft mead
  3. Skyrnir Spiritsmith: a hero-forming cleric/blacksmith
  4. Forsaken Ridder: a landless Gott son or daughter with a lance and war horse
  5. Dwarven Artificer: an ingenious artifact creator
  6. Wolfskin Shapeshifter: a cursed map-maker that gains power from a magical wolf pelt
  7. Völva: a wise prophet and seer with a magical distaff
  8. Troll-born Enchanter: a mage/thief of extreme beauty or of grotesque hideousness
  9. Elven Herald: an elvish harbinger that wanders the Middarmark to chronicle the tribes

Check it out!

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