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Marines aren’t the be-all-end-all when it comes exploiting the resources of the galaxy. That’s where civilian contractors come in.

Burke: I’m Burke. Carter Burke. I work for the company. But don’t let that fool you, I’m really an okay guy. I’m glad to see you’re feeling a little better. They, uh, they tell me that all the weakness and disorientation should pass soon. It’s just natural side effects of such an unusually long hypersleep, or something like that.



New Cleric Prayers (Playtest)

Hello friends!

Clerics have always been among my favorite classes. I know that’s not something you hear often, but they offer a great combination of melee potential and mystic might — even though magicians generally get the glory in the magic department.

In Torchbearer, the cleric has the potential to be everyones’ best friend; not just for prayers that grant the ability to alleviate conditions, but also for the ability to ease or eliminate many of the rigors of life on the road. Plus they’ve got access to some truly creepy stuff as well.

We’ve put together this playtest document of new second and third circle prayers for clerics in your game. Play with them and tell us about it! You’ll be helping us to make even more prayers and to make Torchbearer a better game.


Thor & Luke

Taking Spells to the Next Level

Hello friends,

We know you’ve been wondering about higher-circle spells ever since we released the playtest draft of higher-level character benefits. Well wait no longer!

Here is a playtest draft of new Torchbearer spells, including some revisions and additions to the first and second circle, a suite of third circle spells and a couple fourth circle spells to whet your appetite for more.

We’re eager to hear what you think!


Thor & Luke

P.S. New prayers are coming soon.