We’ve gathered together a number of free materials to help you run and play Torchbearer. Enjoy! You’ll find more Torchbearer products, including adventures, at our store.

Torchbearer 2E Resources

Torchbearer 1E Sheets

  • Torchbearer Sheets Bundle. Includes a character sheet, GM sheet, town sheet and conflict sheet.
  • Torchbearer Spellcaster Character Sheet. An alternate character sheet for clerics, magicians and rangers to make it easier to record prayers and spells.
  • Torchbearer Iconic Characters. Character sheets for Karolina the human warrior, Beren the dwarf adventurer, Gerald the halfling burglar, Taika the elf ranger, Ulrik the human cleric and Varg the human magician. Sheets for Sutara the human paladin and Tiziri the human thief forthcoming.
  • Torchbearer Cheat Sheet. This sheet, created by Torchbearer fan Oliver Granger, will help players and GMs figure out what to roll and when.

Colonial Marines

Fan-Made Stuff for Torchbearer 1E (courtesy Lizlarsen)