Welcome to Stone Dragon Mountain

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Looking for more harrowing places to take your adventurers? Look no further! Welcome to Stone Dragon Mountain (now on Kickstarter)

Stone Dragon Mountain is Sean Nittner’s epic adventure and campaign setting, inspired by the Himalayas.

Deep inside the frozen Stone Dragon Mountain, an unearthly fire burns. It is stoked by generations of hatred for the local mountain dwellers, who try to forget their shameful history appeasing wrathful gods. but before the mountain erupts into violence and fire, a few ambitious explorers will have the opportunity to climb its frozen peaks, learn its secrets, and plunder its hoards.

Will that be you brave adventurer? Or will the mountain consume you as it has so many others before?

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Grab a Bundle for Charity!


Here in the US we’ve just celebrated our Thanksgiving holiday. We at BWHQ are thankful for all of you and the way you’ve embraced and played Torchbearer.

To give a little back, we are participating in the Bundle of Holding Indie Cornucopia +2, which is raising money for Save the Children and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. There are some amazing games included. The starter collection includes: Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, Rocket Age and Uresia: Grave of Heaven. If you pay more than the threshold price, you can get the bonus titles: Nobilis 3E: The Essentials (Volume 1), Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine and Torchbearer.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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