It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This. (Part II)

Loot by Rebekah Bennington

Hello friends!

Here is some more gear that might help your adventurers survive the dangerous world of Torchbearer

You’ll find more new items in the previous post in this series:

Availability indicates the type of settlement in which a piece of gear can be purchased. It’s a hierarchy from greatest availability to most-restricted availability:

  • All Settlements
  • Remote Village
  • Busy Crossroads
  • Bustling Metropolis

For instance, if something is available in a Remote Village, it can also be found in a Busy Crossroads or Bustling Metropolis. 

Buff CoatOb 3Worn/torso 1Bustling Metropolis
Coat of PlatesOb 3Worn/Torso 1Bustling Metropolis
ScarfOb 2Worn/neckAll Settlements
Wool SweaterOb 2Worn/torso 1All Settlements
Frame PackOb 2Worn/torso 3Busy Crossroads
PurseOb 1Worn/torso 1
or Belt 1
Busy Crossroads
ChalkOb 1Pack 1Busy Crossroads
Ob 2Pack 1 or
Hand/carried 1
Busy Crossroads
Pickled HerringOb 3Pack 2All Settlements
Sack of FlourOb 2Pack 6 or
Hand/carried 2
All Settlements


Buff Coat

A heavy leather coat and skirt made from hide. Acts as leather armor but can be used twice per conflict rather than once.


Used to mark areas. Counts as supplies for Cartographer, Dungeoneer, Pathfinder or Scout when appropriate. Three uses.

Coat of Plates

Overlapping metal plates riveted inside a leather garment. Acts as leather armor but deflects spears, arrows and bolts.

Frame Pack

A sturdy wooden frame with straps to which one can lash items. Frame packs can hold up to 8 slots. Counts as a factor in Fighter and Dungeoneer tests.

Pickled Herring

A small cask of herring in brine. 1d6+1 preserved rations.


A leather or cloth bag that can hold two slots of coins or gems only.

Sack of Flour

A large sack of flour. Supplies for 3d6 Cook tests.


+1D to resist or recover from the effects of cold and draft.

Square-Backed Hatchet

+1D to Laborer tests for clearing brush, chopping wood and pounding nails.

Wool Sweater

+1D for resisting the effects of cold and wet.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for PeterT PeterT says:

    These must be fun to come up with! All these posts add so much color to your game.

    Also, the frame pack should come with coconut shells.

  2. Avatar for Thor Thor says:

    Coconut Shells
    Cost: Ob 1
    Inventory: Pack 1 or Hand/carried 2
    Availability: Special (remote villages in tropical locales)
    Effect: +1D to running away (bravely).

  3. I’m not ashamed to say the two bits I’m most excited to use are the scarf and wool sweater, and I also dig the buff coat. But I’ll likely never have another character without a scarf.

  4. Avatar for Thor Thor says:

    Just realized I forgot to include the description for the square-backed hatchet! Added.

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