Bring on the Magic! (Part IV)

The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

Hello friends!

I’ve got a couple more magic items for you this week. In D&D terms, the Pair Dadeni, in particular, is closer to an artifact than a magic item. Both are very powerful and adventures or even whole campaigns can hinge on them.

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If you use any of these items in your game, please tell us about it. Enjoy!

Myr’s Magnificent Manor

This exquisite puzzle box is crafted of linden and rosewood with inlays of walrus tusk and pewter. The priceless treasure was once the crowning achievement of the Enchanter Myr of Svanland. Slats, cunningly hidden hinges and pivots allow one to manipulate the box in a multitude of ways. If one can discern its secrets, it can unfold into a comfortable manor house complete with a hearth, a hall with trestle table and benches, a private chamber that can comfortably sleep three people, a study and storage.
Effect: Unfolding the puzzle box into a manor requires an Ob 3 Lore Master test, though it will refold itself without a test upon command. In Camp, the manor provides shelter from the elements, tools for Cook, +1D to recovery from Exhausted for those who sleep in the bed, space to keep one magician’s library and space to store 12 slots worth of inventory. There is room for others to sleep in the hall, but they do not get a bonus to recovery. The puzzle box will lose its  magic if damaged.
Inventory: Pack 2
Type: Magical container

Pair Dadeni

The legendary Pair Dadeni of Valland—the Cauldron of Rebirth—is much sought by adventurers and warlords. The legends say that any dead creature, be it human or beast, placed within the black cauldron returns to life. Crafted by giants, the vast iron cauldron is said to be as big as a lake, and perhaps it could masquerade as one if buried in the earth.
Effect: Anything dead placed within the cauldron returns to life on the following dawn. The resurrected being permanently loses one nature descriptor of the GM’s choice and erases the Dead condition. If a living being is forcibly placed in the cauldron, it arises as Deathless, slave to the will of the one who sacrificed it. If a living being willingly climbs into the cauldron, it will shatter. Its magic will be destroyed forever and those given new life by it, whether living or Deathless, will die.
Inventory: Special. The cauldron is so vast, only a team of giants could hope to move it.
Type: Magical container


Nature 4Might 5
Guarding, Pursuing, Slaying
Instinct: Obey the master.Type: Undead

Special Rules: Cauldron Born. Animated and enslaved by the magic of the cauldron, the Deathless are mute, undead horrors. They cannot speak and cannot be reasoned with. Nor will they flee (save from those invoking the Fury of the Lords of Life and Death). They never tire and they never stop when following their master’s orders. However, they will not act on their own accord. Without orders they are quiescent.

Hit Points


Other Conflict Hit Points: Within Nature: Roll Nature, add successes to Nature rating. Outside of Nature: Roll half Nature. Add successes to Nature rating. Note: Deathless will never engage in Convince or Drive Off conflicts. They cannot Riddle but they can be Tricked.

Armor: Whatever armor the Deathless wore in life. Chain, shield and helmet are common.


Deathless Description

A mockery of human form, the Deathless are mute, tireless, undying slaves to the will of the one that created them. Their mouths are sewn shut and their eyes burn like fiery coals.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Koch Koch says:

    I had a player with a Hunter instinct so that he could procure game and fill the Horn of Drenge with animal blood. I then increased the Cook factors by one for the double duty of extracting and filling the item up enough and also preparing the camp meal at the same time.

    I’m still waiting for my one group to use the potion of Dragon’s Breath. It seems like that 1 point of damage is a bit of a deterrent. I love the bit about the chance of hitting a party member in close combat, but it’s just curious to me if that is their hold up.

  2. The magic items look fine, although I can’t imagine introducing them til late in a campaign.
    What interests me more is that they both come from Valland, and you have clearly looked to Celtic Britain (and hopefully Ireland) for inspiration! Here’s hoping one day we see more about Valland and the people thereof!

  3. Avatar for Thor Thor says:

    Myr’s Magnificent Manor is actually from Svanland! :wink:

  4. Oh yeah OK I see that now. Well, great. Svanland here we come!

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