It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This.

Loot by Rebekah Bennington

Hello friends! Happy Torchbearer Thursday.

It’s been a busy few weeks but I think we’re now back on track. Today, I want to take a look at a some near gear that might help your adventurers survive the dangerous world of Torchbearer. Take a look!

Arming JacketOb 3Worn/torso 1Bustling Metropolis
Reinforced HelmetOb 3Worn/head 1 and Neck 1Bustling Metropolis
BootsOb 2Worn/feetBusy Crossroads
Thick Leather GlovesOb 2Hands/worn 2 or Pack 1Busy Crossroads
BandolierOb 2Worn/torso 1Busy Crossroads
CaskOb 2Hands/carried 2 or Pack 4Busy Crossroads
Refined OilOb 4Pack 1 or Hand/carried 1Bustling Metropolis
TallowOb 1Pack 1All Settlements
Sack of BeansOb 2Pack 2All Settlements
Wheel of CheeseOb 3Pack 3All Settlements


Arming Jacket

A quilted linen or wool jacket. Worn under chain (+1 torso slot) or under plate (no additional inventory), an arming jacket acts as leather armor once the chain or plate is damaged.

Reinforced Helmet

A stout helmet with an aventail to protect the neck and throat. Can sustain two hits before becoming damaged.


+1D for travel in rain or rough roads.

Thick Leather Gloves

+1D to resist heat or injury from work or +1D equipment for Laborer. Factor for all fine motor actions like spell casting, shooting, carving, etc.


Holds three slots for pack 1 items (not in bundles: no rations, torches, candles, coins, gems, etc.)


A cask holds 4 draughts for water, ale or wine.

Refined Oil

Lanterns use refined oil as fuel. Cost and inventory represents two flasks of refined oil. A flask of refined oil will fuel a lantern for four turns.


A pound of tallow grease (beef fat) that can be used as supplies for Alchemy, Survival and other tests requiring grease or an accelerant.

Sack of Beans

A sack of dried beans. Provides supplies for 2d6 Cook tests. Cannot be eaten without cooking. Comes in a small sack.

Wheel of Cheese

2D6 Preserved Rations or six uses of supplies for cooking.

Notable Replies

  1. Are the towns in the availability column a hierarchy or must you actually visit a busy crossroads specifically for that piece?

  2. Avatar for Thor Thor says:

    Good question! It’s a hierarchy (from most restricted availability to greatest availability):

    Wizard’s Tower/Religious Bastion
    Bustling Metropolis
    Busy Crossroads
    Remote Village
    All Settlements

  3. When do you roll the portions for a wheel of cheese?

  4. Avatar for Thor Thor says:

    I would roll the first time you use it.

  5. Reinforced helmet works twice automatically (no roll) then is broken or lost?

    Does “two hits” mean two hit points from a single action, or must it be one hit point from two different actions?

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