Thanksgiving Thank You!

Religious Procession by Kurt Komoda

Happy Thursday!

It’s a holiday today here  in the US, so I’ll keep today’s post short.

I and the rest of Burning Wheel Headquarters wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to all of you who support us in continuing to make games. We are thankful to all of the friends we have made through the years while doing this, and for the friends we hope to make in the years to come. We are thankful for all people out there that have taken and continue to take a stand against racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all other forms of intolerance. We are thankful for all those who stand with our LGBTQ+ family.

I’m writing this from my brother’s home, surrounded by loving family and beautiful things. I’m thankful for how lucky we are, while recognizing that so many other people, here and around the world, are suffering. They lack adequate food to eat and water drink. They’ve lost homes and loved ones. They suffer the injustices of poverty, illness and war. I am thankful for each and every one of you that takes some small step to help mitigate this suffering.

The world of Torchbearer can be a dark and unforgiving one, but it is also one in which we can triumph by working together and supporting each other for a common cause. I remain hopeful the same is true of our own world.

As a special ‘thank you’, here are a handful of magic items for which Torchbearer characters would be very thankful.

If an item is listed with “charges,” roll as indicated to determine the amount. Charges indicate how many times the item may be used before its power expires. You keep track of item charges, not the players. Items may not be recharged.

Amulet of Stars

An exquisite blue and white gem that seems to glow with an internal light, set in a cunningly wrought cage of silver filigree.
Effect: When things seem darkest, the light of this elf jewel inspires hope in all who gaze upon it.  Once per session, the bearer may hold the jewel aloft and anyone who can see it may take +1D to one test to recover from angry, afraid, exhausted, injured or sick.
Inventory: Neck/worn 1 or pack 1
Type: Magical jewelry

Delver’s Amulet

A pewter amulet on a fine silver chain. The amulet bears a sunburst symbol on its face. To those capable of reading auras, the amulet radiates faint magic.
Effect: When worn, the amulet grants +1D to tests to detect traps and +1D to Health tests to avoid the effect of a trap.
Inventory: Neck/worn 1 or pack 1
Type: Magical jewelry

Dowsing Rod

A forked wooden stick scrawled with arcane sigils.
Effect: Unerringly leads the user to the nearest potable water.
Charges: 2d6
Inventory: Hands/carried 1 or pack 1
Type: Magical equipment

Horn of Drenge

A large drinking vessel made from the curving horn of an aurochs, banded with beaten gold.
Effect: Any liquid poured into the horn becomes delicious, refreshing mead (effect as wine). The mead must be drunk from the horn; if poured into another container, it turns foul and undrinkable.
Inventory: Hands/carried 2 or pack 2
Type: Magical container

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