Halfling Burglar and Human Paladin (Levels 1-10)

SutaraScreen_Shot_2014-12-19_at_3.00.32_PMHello friends and Happy Holidays!

We’re on our third day of releasing Levels 1-10 of Torchbearer character classes. Today, Sutara the Paladin finally has her day! Along with the thief, the paladin is one of the bonus classes we released as part of the Torchbearer Kickstarter campaign.

I have to admit that at first I was opposed to adding more classes. As far as I was concerned, players who wanted to be a thief could do that with any class just by picking appropriate skills. And what difference is there really between a paladin and cleric anyway? But in the end, I think we did a great job of differentiating them. I think both are a blast to play!

Screen_Shot_2014-12-19_at_11.13.27_AMToday we also bring you the Halfling Burglar. This little guy is great! Having one in your party is a joy, and you really miss them if no one plays one.

Here you go:

Happy Holidays!

Thor & Luke