The Torchbearer Second Edition Kickstarter Is Live!

Cave Serpent by Arik Roper

Hello friends!

Just posting to let you know that the Torchbearer 2nd Edition Kickstarter is now live!

We’re splashing out on this like never before. The new edition is based on 7 years of playtesting and feedback on the first edition. We started off with the intention of making a few tweaks like fixing the bow and wound up revising the entire game.

Don’t worry! It hasn’t changed so much that your existing supplements will be useless, but we’ve clarified, revised, refined and expanded the rules. If you back at a tier that includes the Lore Master’s Manual, you’ll get tons of new material, some of which I know many of you have been clamoring for. It includes:

  • New class: the thief, go from a knife-wielding cutthroat to the shadowy power that rules this town
  • New class:  the shaman, fueled by the Immortals of Beasts, channeling their wild power
  • New stock: the Troll Changeling; they’re part troll, part human and all trouble
  • New conflicts: Banish, Abjure, Bind and Battle
  • New settlements like Borderland Fortress, Shire and Walled Town
  • Lots and lots of gear in a comprehensive list
  • Rules for making base camps—good for tackling those megadungeons. 
  • Economic rules so you can crash the economy of your town
  • Travel rules
  • Simple guidance on town adventures
  • More spells and invocations
  • More monsters!
  • Wild new rules for spiritual quests 
  • And more!   

Join us in this adventure and you’ll score some fabulous loot!

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for DagaZ DagaZ says:

    No worries, BWQH is not responsible for our disastrous economy :rofl: I’m thinking by the time the project is delivered, inflation would make it worth it :sweat_smile: How can I pledge?

  2. Avatar for luke luke says:

    I’ll open up Argentina for you…

  3. Luke and company have already hired me to do freelance copy editing of their current docs, so definitely wait until they request it in the future. It’s very likely I’ve already found whatever formatting and typo errors you’ve noticed.

  4. It’s weird when all the discussion about the Kickstarter is anywhere BUT the forum, so bump and congrats. I see Thor’s Big Business and raise him Karp’s “Bacon Industry”.

    Let it be your fuel…

  5. CONGRATS on the campaign!!! So EXCITED!

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