New Character Sheets for Elves, Magicians and Clerics

In Torchbearer, spellcasters have a lot of information to manage. As Luke was playing his beloved 6th level magician, Sammas, he noticed that the lovely little spellbook at the bottom of the page wasn’t all that helpful. So he created something a bit more practical in the form of these new sheets. They’re not perfect—they’ll only last you a few levels—but they’re a good start.

We’ll try to publish a comprehensive spell book in a similar format soon.

Notable Replies

  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    A comprehensive spell book, you say? Yes, please!

  2. These are cool. Just used it for an Elf character. It follows the playtest with Eldritch Darts as 2nd Circle spell, but doesn’t list Aetherial Swarm anywhere.

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